Out-of-Country Travel

Aside from providing capacity on Out-of-Country Travel for both individual and group coverage our clients also receive the following value-add services as part of a comprehensive reinsurance package.

Market knowledge

As a market leader Optimum Reassurance strives to remain abreast on all market trends and industry and legislative changes. All relevant market and industry information in our comprehensive database is shared with our clients on an ongoing basis.

Out-of-Country Travel Seminar

Optimum Reassurance has been offering Out-of-Country Travel seminar since 1998. The full-day seminar, with upward of 100 attendees, addresses topics of interest to all insurance managers, sales advisors and other stakeholders who are involved in the travel insurance market. We vary our topics at each seminar in order to provide attendees relevant up-to-date information for their daily operation of the business and to offer insights into the driving forces of change. Ultimately, our objective is to contribute to the on-going knowledge base so as to encourage sound business practice in the Out-of-Country Travel market.

Travel Assistance and Active Claims Management

Over the years, Optimum Reassurance has been providing assistance to our clients in all aspects of their
Out-of-Country portfolio including contract redesign, review of travel assistance arrangements, underwriting techniques, experience assessments and, above all, analyzing and improving the claims management procedures. The latter is very much appreciated by our clients as a value-add service.


Optimum Reassurance has developed a comprehensive pricing model for determining premium rates for various components of an OOC product. Our model utilizes a proprietary database for determining the claims frequency assumptions and other key parameters including efficiency of the claims and assistance operations, repatriation, currency exchange rate, inflation rate etc.

Catastrophe Coverage

Catastrophe Coverage offers protection of an insurer's retained claims based on an event that involves multiple lives. As each insurer has its own risk tolerance level, we work with our clients to provide a catastrophe program that is unique to their needs.

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