Financial Information

Optimum Reassurance continues to expand its activities, while strengthening its financial
position. Its management team relies on a balanced and realistic growth strategy,
as well as rigorous risk management principles. In addition, it maintains clearly
defined investment policies focused on top-quality securities.

Key financial information is included in the graphs below.

Rating Agency Rating Outlook
A.M. Best A - (Excellent) Stable

Since its first A- (Excellent) evaluation by the A.M. Best agency, the company
has never been subject to a downgrade.

Financial Info

As of December 31


Data 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
Assets 2496 2279 2123 1866 1784
Premiums 510 443 396 384 358
Shareholders' Equity 251 213 194 196 186


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